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Versatile copywriter with 35 years of experience as both a professional writer and a teacher of writing. Reports, proposals, blog posts, web content, research-based writing---I can pivot between multiple styles and I understand how to create content tailored to specific audiences. My work is thorough and exhaustive.

Blog Writing

I blog regularly at, my site for long-form narrative essays and storytelling. I teach a course course called Writing and Digital Media in which I cover a variety of blog writing styles, blog design formats, and research-based findings on blog readership and user metrics related to blog content. 

Proposal Writing

Experienced proposal writer who knows how to pitch and cultivate new ideas. Successes include a new high-tech classroom, a digital humanities lab, new courses and degrees, and other programs, mainly on college campuses. Taught proposal writing to engineering students at Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Gwinnett College. Some grant writing experience. 

Feature Writing

Experienced magazine and feature writer with extensive interviewing experience. I know how to research and write inviting traditional and long-form journalism pieces, narrative essays, and profile pieces. I can turn out informative, engrossing content. 


Engaging storyteller who can craft compelling stories for a variety of audiences. My narrative essays and short stories are widely published. I was listed as a "notable" writer in the 2020 edition of Best American Essays for my personal essay "The Lookout Tree," which was published first in Michigan Quarterly Review.

Content Development

Having taught technical writing, editing, journalism, and digital media courses for many years, I know what is possible for content development. I can help your organization plan and develop content for online and print formats. 


The items listed below are a sampling of the different kinds of writing genres I can work in. 


This is one of two encyclopedia articles I wrote for the Encyclopedia of American History and Culture. It demonstrates my ability to synthesize extensive research to produce clear, concise expository prose.


This micro proposal convinced Georgia Gwinnett College to fund the creation of a specialized project-based learning classroom in a new building on campus. The classroom was designed by me and another faculty member, but I wrote the proposal document to use as part of a pitch to the administration. 


This piece, published in the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, is an excellent example of my long-form writing abilities. Based on exhaustive research, it was peer reviewed and published in the journal of record for Abraham Lincoln scholarship. I am not a Lincoln scholar, but I nevertheless managed to write a piece that was accepted into this journal.


I wrote this proposal to secure funding for a corpus linguistics research work station in the Digital Humanities Lab at Georgia Gwinnett College. I created the lab and manage it. The proposal raised $2,196 to fund a new computer and the purchase of proprietary software to do corpus research. The document is a good example of my proposal writing. The proposal was successful.


In 2019, I conducted a survey of English majors graduates from Georgia Gwinnett College and wrote a short report detailing my findings. The report was presented to faculty and administrators at the college. It showcases my report writing and data analysis skills.


This narrative essay is a good illustration of my storytelling abilities. It chronicles a boyhood encounter with two wild dogs in the woods near my house. My narrative essays are widely published, and my essay collection, Reservoir: Tales from the Other Jersey, was published in 2021 by Gypsy Daughter Press. This particular essay was cited in the 2020 edition of Best American Essays, which listed me as "notable" writer.


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