About Me

I am a writer who grew up in the rolling hills of Northwestern New Jersey in a Neverland called the 1970s, but I live now in the Atlanta suburbs where I often find myself daydreaming back to that magical place. write about boyhood, nature, environmentalism, culture, politics, and pandemics. I write short things, but over time, they add up. I've written three collections of essays and one collection of short stories.  


My Latest

Riot of the Fiftysomethings” is my attempt to understand why so many men of a certain age participated in the January 6 uprising at the Capitol Complex. I look back into the cultural origins of my age cohort for answer—the born gain renewal of the early 1980s, Reaganomics, The popularity of Ayn Rand, the industrial-scale lying that accompanied the Cold War and The Vietnam War. All of it contributed to the chaos at the Capitol.


Bona Fides

My essays have been recently published in Adbusters, As it Ought to Be Magazine, Boomer Café, Litro, Michigan Quarterly Review, Missouri Review, Rise Up Review, and The Smart Set. My fiction has been published in Blue Moon Review, Crania, Creo, Fairfield Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Thrice Fiction, and Timber Creek Review. I teach writing at Georgia Gwinnett College.