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My collection of essays about growing up in Northwestern NJ in the 1970 and 1980s is published and available on Amazon. The book is a memoir of childhood during a turbulent period in American history. 

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White Butterfly

My collection of essays based on the 300+ letters that my grandfather sent home from World War II explores the legacy of his generation from a Gen X perspective. How do we remember them? What do we keep? What do we leave behind? 


The Project Mayhem Age

I write about culture, politics, and society on my blog, but always in the first person. A night of stargazing before a big election. The month Springsteen was cancelled. The year the Internet went dystopian. My online essays bring a bracing "third way" perspective contemporary issues. 


When the Music Stops

The pandemic was like serving hard time, but on a positive note: I did have time to write. This collection is a view of America from inside lockdown, each essay appearing either on my blog in 2020-21 or published in a magazine like Litro or As it Ought to Be. An off-kilter take on a country on the verge of nervous breakdown. 


The Thoreauvians

Still mostly an aspiration, this book will be based on the dozens of interviews I have done with people who embody Thoreauvian ideals. I have interviewed naturalists, scientists, anarchists, Walden cabin replica builders, actors who play Thoreau, and practitioners of civil disobedience for this book. Now, if I can only find the time to write it....., 


Remember, You Are Dust

The stories are all written and more than half of them have already been published in various magazines and literary journals. Now I need to find someone to publish the collection. How should you think about these stories? Magical realism with a heretical Catholic flavor, all of it set in the 1990s. 

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